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Countries lobbying to weaken UN climate recommendations - expert comment

Dr Tom Pettinger comments on reports that a number of countries are pushing the UN to water down a forthcoming report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) into how best to limit global warming.

Heat pump subsidy: expert comment

Dr Jonathan Clarke from Warwick's Centre for Global Sustainable Development comments on the announcement that the UK government will subsidise homeowners to replace gas boilers with heat pumps.

Tue 19 Oct 2021, 15:32 | Tags: Politics, Housing, environment, Climate change, Policy, climate, COP26

COP26 is a useful exercise in getting countries to commit to targets: Caroline Kuzemko

Dr Caroline Kuzemko from PAIS on US climate envoy John Kerry's 'last best hope' comment

Most fossil fuels will need to remain underground: comments from Warwick experts

A new paper in the journal Nature argues that most fossil fuels, such as oil, gas and coal, will need to remain in the ground if we are to meet the target of keeping global temperature rise to 1.5C. Professor Michael Bradshaw of Warwick Business School and Dr Caroline Kuzemko of Politics and International Studies give their expert view on the conclusions below.

Extreme weather in the US a reminder of the vulnerability of our cities: Dr Jonathan Clarke

A state of emergency has been declared in New York and New Jersey, at the north-eastern United States experiences flash-flooding and tornadoes as a result of Storm Ida. Dr Jonathan Clarke from Global Sustainable Development at the University of Warwick explains how our cities are particularly vulnerable to the increasing effects of extreme weather.

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