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University of Warwick's bean grower Andy Ward grapples with impacts of torrential rain

Lincolnshire farmer Andy Ward, known for cultivating the first British Baked Beans in partnership with University of Warwick scientist Eric Holub, is facing a harsh reality as standing waters inundate his farmlands.

He said, "There's nothing we can do when the fields are underwater."

Fri 05 Jan 2024, 15:20 | Tags: crop centre, crops, Beans

“We three beans”: Capulet, Godiva and Olivia beans on sale in the New Year

Capulet, Godiva and Olivia are new varieties of the nation’s favourite pulse, common beans, developed and grown in the UK. The trio are set to go plastic-free in the new year when they go on sale in local zero-waste stores.

Thu 07 Dec 2023, 12:08 | Tags: Wellesbourne, Beans, Warwick Crop Centre

British grown baked beans ‘in the can’ thanks to University of Warwick Scientist

The University of Warwick’s British grown baked beans have progressed to the tinning phase, a pivotal step in their journey orchestrated by Warwick’s Professor Eric Holub.

Wed 29 Nov 2023, 10:39 | Tags: agriculture, School of Life Sciences, Beans

The University of Warwick celebrates the successful harvest of "GODIVA" and ‘OLIVIA’ – two novel dry beans inspired by local cultural history.

Researchers at the University of Warwick have been working on ways to help UK farmers better serve public health using seed, soil and British sunshine. GODIVA is a blonde-coloured dry bean similar in size to a red kidney bean and named after the historical Coventry noblewoman, Lady Godiva. OLIVIA is a black bean named after a character from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

Fri 08 Sep 2023, 08:10 | Tags: crop centre, crops, Wellesbourne, Beans, Innovation Campus

The first British Baked Beans could be on the breakfast menu thanks to University of Warwick research

A pioneering project is set produce haricot beans, better known as classic-baked bean, in the UK for the first time.

Fri 16 Jun 2023, 10:06 | Tags: research, crop centre, crops, Beans, Horticulture and Agriculture