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British champagne production overtaking French? How the shifting seasons are playing havoc with our crops and wildlife, according to scientists

Spring equinox is fast approaching, on 20 March, but the changing seasons are playing havoc with UK wildlife and crops. This comes after England and Wales had their warmest Februarys on record, according to the Met Office.

University of Warwick set to host Birmingham Tech Week events to promote innovation across the West Midlands

The University of Warwick will host events next week for Birmingham Tech Week, the UK’s largest regional tech festival.

Wed 11 Oct 2023, 12:51 | Tags: Technology, Industry, innovation, Innovation Campus, WID

University of Warwick scientists create virtual marmite for World Marmite Day – with ground-breaking potential for Alzheimer’s diagnosis

Scientists at the University of Warwick have produced virtual flavours of marmite and vegemite from scratch, using technology that can replicate the flavour of almost any food or drink and is being used in a new taste test to help with early Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

Thu 28 Sep 2023, 11:38 | Tags: WMG, innovation, alzheimer's, Innovation Campus

The University of Warwick celebrates the successful harvest of "GODIVA" and ‘OLIVIA’ – two novel dry beans inspired by local cultural history.

Researchers at the University of Warwick have been working on ways to help UK farmers better serve public health using seed, soil and British sunshine. GODIVA is a blonde-coloured dry bean similar in size to a red kidney bean and named after the historical Coventry noblewoman, Lady Godiva. OLIVIA is a black bean named after a character from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

Fri 08 Sep 2023, 08:10 | Tags: crop centre, crops, Wellesbourne, Beans, Innovation Campus

Robocrop: The robot assistants helping farmers to increase productivity

The future of farming could involve robots– as farmers seek to address labour shortages and increase crop yields.

THE SOUND OF THE UNDERGROUND: What noisy worms tell us about soil health

Researchers are listening to earthworms to monitor soil health, in what could be a major innovation for maintaining soil health.

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