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Foundling Museum exhibition sheds new light on Georgian Era African and Asian children

Research by a University of Warwick academic has resulted in an exhibition at the Foundling Museum, examining the history of African and Asian foundling children in the Georgian Era.

Tue 10 Jan 2023, 13:01 | Tags: Immigration, Africa, Arts and Humanities, asia, History, Ethnic Relations

Researchers Launch Ethnic Minority Internet & Mobile Phone Use Survey With Free Phone Calls Reward

Researchers at the University of Warwick are key collaborators in an an online survey which will investigate how minority ethnic groups and migrants are using new information and communications technologies.

Fri 14 Oct 2011, 15:01 | Tags: Social Affairs, Ethnic Relations

Ethnic Minority Vote Stronger Than Ever But Massively Undervalued By Main Parties

New research just published by Professor Muhammad Anwar, from The University of Warwick’s Centre for Research in Ethnic Relations, shows that ethnic minority votes will be more important than ever in the forthcoming general election but ethnic minority voters are still massively undervalued and under-represented.
Mon 11 Jan 2010, 22:56 | Tags: Politics and International Studies, Ethnic Relations

Warwick involved in £3 million project to boost health research in Africa

The University of Warwick will play a lead role in a £3 million initiative to develop promising young medical scientists to take the lead in tackling Africa’s deadliest diseases, including HIV, malaria and tuberculosis.

Thu 02 Jul 2009, 14:11 | Tags: Ethnic Relations, Health and Medicine

South Asians with diabetes more likely to lose their eyesight earlier than White Europeans

South Asians with type 2 diabetes are significantly more at risk of losing their eyesight and losing it at an earlier age, compared to White Europeans with the same condition. 
Tue 24 Mar 2009, 10:14 | Tags: Ethnic Relations, Health and Medicine

Black entrepreneurs 4 times more likely to be refused credit than white businesses

Research by Dr Stuart Fraser of Warwick Business School has found that many Ethnic Minority owned Businesses struggle to obtain credit in comparison to White owned businesses. Black and Bangladeshi owned businesses are the most likely to be refused credit, facing up to four times as many refusals as white owned businesses.

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