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Next generation of biomedical researchers at University of Warwick to benefit from new funding

The University of Warwick is to receive a share of new national investment in doctoral training, supporting postgraduate students to engage in interdisciplinary research to help understand, diagnose and intervene in human disease.

Fri 09 Jul 2021, 11:32 | Tags: research, WMS, Warwick Medical School, Health and Medicine

World-leading study begins into robotic surgery for knee replacement with major £1.6 million funding grant

A major national study will pitch human skill against machine precision as it compares the benefits of knee replacement surgery performed using a robot to a surgeon using traditional methods.

Ban all unhealthy food advertisements to tackle childhood obesity, urge University of Warwick researchers

Today the UK Government announced plans to ban unhealthy food advertisements on TV before 9pm and all paid-for online advertisements. This proposal is supported by recent evidence presented to the Government by the Warwick Obesity Network, an interdisciplinary team of academics and clinicians at the University of Warwick, which found that exposure to unhealthy food and drink advertisements contributes towards childhood obesity by promoting the short-term desire to consume energy-dense, nutrient-poor foods.

Thu 24 Jun 2021, 10:48 | Tags: WMS, Economics, Warwick Medical School, Health and Medicine

Contraception data ‘blind spot’ could hide pandemic’s impact on women’s reproductive health

Limited data on the uptake of contraception prior to and during crises such as the Covid-19 pandemic could mean unforeseen issues for sexual and reproductive health services, research from the University of Warwick concludes.

Wed 16 Jun 2021, 12:11 | Tags: research, WMS, Warwick Medical School, Health and Medicine

Study of 1.5 million British people shows BMI cut-offs for obesity and diabetes risk do not work for non-white populations

New analysis by team including University of Warwick researchers shows current BMI cut-offs for type 2 diabetes risk do not work for UK’s diverse population

Wed 12 May 2021, 09:28 | Tags: research, WMS, Warwick Medical School, Health and Medicine

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