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Pint of Science returns next week bringing scientists out of the lab and into your local pub

The public science festival, Pint of Science, kicks off next with experts from the Universities of Warwick and Coventry talking about their research work in a selection of pubs and venues around the Coventry and Leamington Spa.

Time explained through dance and performance art at University of Warwick

Artists will attempt to explain the concept of time through the medium of dance, theatre and performance art this week, as part of a research project lead by the University of Warwick.

New research project will crowdsource philosophical thinking about current affairs

Each month, the Philosophy in a Time of Crisis website will host a dialogue on one of the key problems and challenges faced by Europe, inviting short contributions and interviews from leading philosophers, artists, writers and intellectuals. Contributions from the Warwick student community and the public at large are also welcome.

Researchers seek answers to why we feel sense of commitment

The question of how and when people are willing to make and honour commitments is set to be addressed by a pioneering research from the University of Warwick.

Led by Dr. John Michael from the University’s Department of Philosophy the project, The Sense of Commitment: An Integrative Framework for Modeling the Sense of Commitment , will develop a new framework by which to research our sense of commitment.

Mon 08 Aug 2016, 15:01 | Tags: University of Warwick, Social Science, Philosophy

Philosophy "doing its job" when it influences our use of language - Lord Rowan Williams

Modern philosophy is “doing its job” when it makes people conduct themselves in language that is just, charitable and genuinely mutual, says Lord Rowan Williams – one of the University of Warwick’s 2016 Honorary Graduates.

Tue 02 Aug 2016, 13:24 | Tags: University of Warwick, Social Science, Philosophy

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