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First particle tracks seen in prototype for international neutrino experiment

CERN and Fermilab announce big step in Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment (DUNE), involving researchers from the University of Warwick's Elementary Particle Physics Group

Tue 18 September 2018, 16:22 | Tags: Physics

New ID pictures of conducting polymers discover a surprise ABBA fan

  • First ever detailed pictures of conjugated polymers – which conduct electricity and are highly sought after – captured with novel visualisation technique developed by University of Warwick
  • New approach realises Richard Feynman’s famous remark that it would be very easy to make an analysis of any complicated chemical substance; all one would have to do would be to look at it and see where the atoms are”
  • Polymers need alternating pattern of “A” monomer & smaller “B” monomer to conduct (ABAB), but the researchers discovered surprising gaps & defects in polymer structure –an ABBA pattern
Fri 15 June 2018, 21:14 | Tags: Physics, Chemistry, molecular, polymer, Polymers, Sciences

Nanoscale measurements 100x more precise, thanks to improved two-photon technique

The precision of measuring nanoscopic structures could be substantially improved, thanks to research involving the University of Warwick and QuantIC researchers at the University of Glasgow and Heriot Watt University into optical sensing. QuantIC is the UK Quantum Technology Hub in Quantum Enhanced Imaging and part of the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme.

Tue 08 May 2018, 09:01 | Tags: Technology, University of Warwick, Physics, research, Materials, Sciences

New science festival comes to Coventry this month

A new festival coming to Coventry this month is bringing scientists into the local pub.

Pint of Science will take place on 14-16 May and will see more than 30 experts from the University of Warwick and Coventry University talking about their research in pubs and venues around the city.

New research could literally squeeze more power out of solar cells

Physicists at the University of Warwick have today, Thursday 19th April 2018, published new research in the Journal Science today 19th April 2018 (via the Journal’s First Release pages) that could literally squeeze more power out of solar cells by physically deforming each of the crystals in the semiconductors used by photovoltaic cells. The paper entitled the “Flexo-Photovoltaic Effect” was written by Professor Marin Alexe, Ming-Min Yang, and Dong Jik Kim who are all based in the University of Warwick’s Department of Physics.

Fri 20 April 2018, 09:08 | Tags: Physics, solar power

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