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Clearing the skies for Santa this Christmas: The researchers tackling junk in space

As scores of children prepare to look to the skies this Christmas Eve, they will be relieved to know scientists are helping to clear a path for Santa in space.

New research into atmospheric make-up of distant planet sheds light on its origins

New observations from the JWST show a molecular and chemical portrait of a distant planet, mapping its formation history.

Tue 22 Nov 2022, 16:05 | Tags: Physics, Astrophysics, research, astronomy

Tom Marsh update

The body found by search teams in Chile last week has been confirmed to be that of our missing friend and colleague Professor Tom Marsh.

Thu 17 Nov 2022, 13:00 | Tags: astronomy

Oldest planetary debris in our galaxy found from new study

Astronomers led by the University of Warwick have identified the oldest star in our galaxy that is accreting debris from orbiting planetesimals, making it one of the oldest rocky and icy planetary systems discovered in the Milky Way.

Mon 07 Nov 2022, 10:27 | Tags: Physics, Astrophysics, research, Space, astronomy

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