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Stars need a partner to spin Universe’s brightest explosions

When it comes to the biggest and brightest explosions seen in the Universe, University of Warwick astronomers have found that it takes two stars to make a gamma-ray burst.

Mon 13 Jan 2020, 12:32 | Tags: Physics, Astrophysics, research, Space, astronomy

Revealed: exoplanet’s ‘improbable’ survival

Using asteroseismology, a team including an astronomer from the University of Warwick, revised the parameters for two red-giant stars known to host exoplanets, and for one of them found that the planet should not exist in its current location based on current theories.

Wed 30 Oct 2019, 13:54 | Tags: Astrophysics, research, astronomy

Telescope instrument opens its 5,000 eyes for the first time

A leading-edge new telescope instrument, designed and built by an international collaboration including the University of Warwick, has today (28 October) aimed its 5,000 fibre-optic eyes at the night sky for the first time.

Mon 28 Oct 2019, 16:15 | Tags: Astrophysics, research, astronomy

New planet nine times the mass of Jupiter found in nearby star system

An international team including a University of Warwick astronomer has discovered a new planet around a nearby star.

Tue 20 Aug 2019, 11:31 | Tags: Physics, Astrophysics, research, Space

Northern lights’ social networking reveals true scale of magnetic storms

Magnetic disturbances caused by phenomena like the northern lights can be tracked by a ‘social network’ of ground-based instruments, according to a new study from the University of Warwick.

Fri 21 Jun 2019, 11:28 | Tags: Physics, Astrophysics, research

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