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Northern lights’ social networking reveals true scale of magnetic storms

Magnetic disturbances caused by phenomena like the northern lights can be tracked by a ‘social network’ of ground-based instruments, according to a new study from the University of Warwick.

Fri 21 Jun 2019, 11:28 | Tags: Physics, Astrophysics, research

The ‘Forbidden’ Planet has been found in the ‘Neptunian Desert’

An exoplanet smaller than Neptune with its own atmosphere has been discovered in the Neptunian Desert, by an international collaboration of astronomers, with the University of Warwick taking a leading role.

Wed 29 May 2019, 08:35 | Tags: Physics, Astrophysics, astronomy, Sciences

Three exocomets discovered around the star Beta Pictoris

Three extrasolar comets have been discovered around the star Beta Pictoris, 63 light years away, by an international team including a University of Warwick researcher.

Wed 22 May 2019, 10:39 | Tags: Physics, Astrophysics, research

Small, hardy planets most likely to survive death of their stars

Small, hardy planets packed with dense elements have the best chance of avoiding being crushed and swallowed up when their host star dies, new research from the University of Warwick has found.

Tue 14 May 2019, 11:04 | Tags: Physics, Astrophysics, research, Space

Explosion on Jupiter-sized star ten times more powerful than ever seen on our Sun

A stellar flare ten times more powerful than anything seen on our sun has burst from an ultracool star almost the same size as Jupiter.

Wed 17 Apr 2019, 09:55 | Tags: Physics, Astrophysics, astronomy

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