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Great apes' consonant and vowel-like sounds travel over distance without losing meaning

Scientists have shown that orangutan call signals believed to be closest to the precursors to human language, travel through forest over long distances without losing their meaning. This throws into question the accepted mathematical model on the evolution of human speech according to researchers from the University of Warwick.

Wed 29 Sep 2021, 22:57 | Tags: psychology, Evolution, speech

Warwick researcher to investigate the link between apes and the evolution of human language

Dr Adriano R. Lameira, from the Department of Psychology at the University of Warwick, has been awarded a prestigious UKRI Future Leader Fellowship, for his project: The ape and the first word: Understanding the origins and evolution of the first linguistic structures in the human clade through comparative research.

Thu 15 Oct 2020, 10:56 | Tags: psychology, linguistics, UKRI, Evolution, speech, Sciences

Chimpanzees help trace the evolution of human speech back to ancient ancestors

One of the most promising theories for the evolution of human speech has finally received support from chimpanzee communication, in a study conducted by a group of researchers led by the University of Warwick.

Wed 27 May 2020, 08:43 | Tags: research, psychology, Evolution, speech, Sciences