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About Connecting Cultures

What is the aim of the Connecting Cultures GRP?

How cultures connect and how those connections have shaped our world across the centuries are key questions for anyone attempting to understand the reality we live in. And as technology shrinks the space around us, turning the global into the local, there is arguably more need than ever for scholars to contribute to greater understanding between cultures.

The theme "Connecting Cultures" brings together the interests of leading scholars from across the Faculties at Warwick. Key Warwick research in this area focuses on intercultural studies, mobility, translation and language politics, and cognate areas and aims to contribute at both a theoretical and an applied level to debates around what connects and what divides cultures.

Key characteristics of the Connecting Cultures GRP

  • The potential for cross-faculty as well as cross-departmental clusters of interest, focusing on broad definitions of the notion of culture (e.g. national cultures; professional cultures; cultural heritages; the ‘two cultures’ debate and its evolution across the ages; etc.)
  • Allowing interdisciplinary dialogue to focus on specific cases and phenomena
  • The inclusion of a historical dimension within research projects, including long durée and other approaches to cultural change, the formation of tradition, and forms of historical intervention
  • Multiple spatial perspectives, which can account for global as well as local phenomena and for their intersections
  • Attention to modes and channels of cultural exchange, translation and transformation linked to both notions and practices of mobility (geographical, linguistic, etc.)
  • An emphasis on questions of memory and forgetfulness, linked to models of individual and group identity, community formation, social exchange and collaboration based on ideas of continuity and/or discontinuity
  • A strong emphasis on methodology, accompanied by attention to the cultural imprints inscribed within different methodological approaches, their historical development and their manifestations

Several groups are actively involved in research within the ‘Connecting Cultures’ theme, including:

  • Cultures of Translation
  • Memory and Culture
  • Rights and Social Justice
  • Urban Futures
  • Global Humanities
  • City of Culture 2021

For more information view our sub-themes pages.

The Connecting Cultures theme is also key to our collaboration with Monash University, one of Warwick’s strategic partners:

The Monash-Warwick Connecting Cultures postgraduate programme aims to assist participating doctoral students / postdoctoral fellows to situate their research in the context of international scholarship and help them identify directions for further independent work through introducing them to ongoing academic research and debates in the field of intercultural studies. It also aims to open up new perspectives in understanding cultural encounters not as a disruptive activity but as an ultimately creative and constructive process, which conceives mediation between different registers of cultural exchange as a continuum.