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Connecting Cultures Blog

In our series of blogs, we showcase the ongoing impact of some of the projects Connecting Cultures GRP has funded and put the spotlight on new initiatives and endeavours.

Welcome to the PJL Archive

Professor Mandy Sadan, Global Sustainable Development - June 2023

Warwick School of Feminist Translation: Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Dr Olga Castro, Associate Professor in Translation and Transcultural Studies, 24 May 2023

Cross-cultural approaches to "living with COVID"

Tarandeep S. Kang & Robin Goodwin, Psychology, 29 November 2022

Meet the new Connecting Cultures GRP Leads

Felicity Boardman, Emma Campbell, Anastasia Chamberlen, James Poskett, 21 October 2022

Re-voicing words: Embodying voices through poetry

Karen Simecek, Philosophy, 1 March 2022

Co-produced research bringing work on the philosophy of voice to the poetry community through collaboration with the organisation Poet in the City.

SAVI (Social Action Video Initiative) 2021

Michele Aaron, Film & Television Studies, January 2022

Co-producing knowledge on cultural healing practices: The Yru of Laos

Thipphaphone (Kee) Xayavong & Marco J Haenssgen, Global Sustainable Development, 25 November 2021

Reflections on the role of heritage and participatory research in the education-health-development nexus, from research with the Yru in Southern Laos as part of the Learning Space project.

Words and Voices Roadshow for the Resonate Festival

Helen Wheatley, Michael Scott, Cath Lambert & Kate Astbury, Words and Voices Organisers, 29 September 2021

Highlights from our 'Poetry in the City' and 'Languages & Life Stories of Coventry' events that took place at Assembly Festival Garden as part of Warwick’s Resonate Festival celebrating Coventry City of Culture 2021.

Digitising the tokens of Lyon: The Récamier collection in the BnF

Clare Rowan, Department of Classics & Ancient History, 28 July 2021

Project working to digitise and make freely available online, for the first time, the tokens that survive from classical antiquity.

Realities and Dreams: Culture under Covid

Vishalakshi Roy, Centre for Cultural & Media Policy Studies, 28 July 2021

Realities and Dreams: Culture under Covid, is a series of podcasts examining the impact of Covid-19 on the UK creative economy.

Virtual reality for teaching arts subjects

Jianhua Yang, Warwick Manufacturing Group, 27 July 2021

Connecting and Connected Cultures - A note on culture in the digital age

Nate Tkacz, Centre for Digital Inquiry, 29 June 2021

In this latest post, Connecting Cultures Advisory Group member Nate Tkacz shares some thoughts on culture in the digital age.

Chinese Voices in the age of COVID-19

Ross FormanLink opens in a new window & Dee WuLink opens in a new window (English) | Anne GerritsenLink opens in a new window & Ni LeiyunLink opens in a new window (History) | Xie KailingLink opens in a new window (Politics & International Studies), 29 June 2021

In this troubled time of COVID-19, our blog features a variety of Chinese voices, ranging from student activists to elderly residents in Coventry, many of whom have experienced racism in one form or another.

Found Sound

Prof. Jonathan HeronLink opens in a new window, Institute of Advanced Teaching and Learning, May 2021

Our practice-as-research explores embodied cultural memory and intangible culture heritage through sound installation.

AI and Age on Screen

Prof. Garde-HansenLink opens in a new window, Centre for Culture & Media Policy Studies & Dr. Tanaya GuhaLink opens in a new window, Computer Science, March 2021

Researchers seek to use AI for measuring age representation and stereotyping on screen.

Life Under Lockdown: Youth Video Diaries from Informal Urban Settlements in Sub-Saharan Africa 

Frances Crowley, Politics & International Studies, 31 January 2021

Research must seek out new and innovative methods both to adapt to and reflect on the new reality of a pandemic. Seed funding from Connecting Cultures GRP allowed Warwick researchers to connect with young people across six cities in Sub-Saharan Africa, who captured the evolving challenges of lockdown in informal settlements, through video diaries.

Screening Rights Film Festival

Dr Michele Aaron, Film & Television Studies,Link opens in a new window December 2020

With the closure of cinemas and freeze on some funding streams, it looked like Screening Rights - the Midlands' international festival of social justice film - might go the way of other festivals in 2020. Thanks to Connecting Cultures GRP & the Humanities Research Fund, the 6th edition did go ahead and, for the first time, online.

Engineer Inside

Dr Phil Jemmett, WMG OutreachLink opens in a new window, November 2020

So much has changed this year but one thing that remains the same is the determination of the University to support young people. Funding from Connecting Cultures and IMFM GRPs brought Ph.D. students into WMG’s Engineer Inside project presenting STEM challenges that any student can do at home with everyday materials.

Welcome to our blog!

Connecting Cultures GRP TeamLink opens in a new window, October 2020

The last months have seen a polarising series of experiences for the world. We have been united in the experience of a global pandemic, and yet at the same time we have all been affected by it, and reacted to it, differently. Connecting Cultures GRP shares how we have responded to this extraordinary set of circumstances and our plans for the coming year.