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Global Governance

Contemporary society faces unprecedented challenges of global governance. The policy agenda is crowded with issues that are substantially global in nature, such as communications, conflict, ecology, energy, finance, health, labour standards and trade.

The ways that these matters are handled (or mishandled) have profound implications for material welfare, social justice, democracy, peace, and perhaps even humanity’s very survival. In step with these vital concerns, the University of Warwick pursues a Global Research Priority in Global Governance (GRP-GG). Read more »

Global Data Governance

Global Data Governance is one of the themes of the GRP-GG. It explores the challenges big data and new technologies pose for global governance. Find out more »

Academic theme leads: Dr Nate Tkacz (CIM) and Dr Jonathan Cave (Economics) 

Global Environmental Governance

This thematic stream investigates topics such as climate change and how it is governed.

Academic theme leads: Alice Mah (Sociology) and David Mond (Mathematics)

Global Financial Governance

This thematic stream explores how finance is governed in the global arena, but also investigates alternative approaches to finance such as Islamic finance or peer-to-peer lending. Find out more »

Academic theme lead: Lena Rethel (PAIS) and Celine Tan (Law)

Global Labour Governance

This thematic stream studies global mechanisms to improve labour standards and human rights protection in relation to corporate activity. Find out more »

Academic theme lead: Jimmy Donaghey (WBS) and Juliane Reinecke (WBS)

Global Security Governance

This stream seeks to address the wide-ranging and cross-disciplinary issues relating to global security governance. Contemporary global governance is marked by deep tensions that have implications for: (a) how we understand the institutions and processes of global security; and (b) how these tensions shape and change the framework of global security governance. Find out more »

Academic theme lead: Alex Homolar (PAIS) and Stephanie Schnurr (CAL)

We also welcome suggestions of new topics and themes of interest to GRP GG researchers. Please email Ura Martin at u dot martin at warwick dot ac dot uk with your ideas.


The Gobal Governance GRP organises a number of events throughout the year. For details of forthcoming events please register here for our newsletter

Global Governance GRP

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