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Past Events

ROUNDTABLE: Meeting New Global Governance Researchers

Tuesday, 27 January 2015, 12-2pm, Room S1.50 Social Sciences Building (lunch provided)

Global Governance GRP roundtables are informal conversations aimed at introducing Warwick colleagues working on global governance themes to each other and to scholars outside Warwick in order to foster greater interdisciplinary collaboration. In this first roundtable of the new year we welcome three researchers whose work relates to global governance. They will share their different disciplinary perspectives on themes relating to global governance, and engage in a generative dialogue with participants. The speakers are: Professor Nick Gane (Sociology), Professor Fiona Smith (Law) and Dr Nathaniel Tkacz (CIM). The event will be chaired by Dr Lena Rethel (PAIS).

ROUNDTABLE: From Human Security to R2P

Wednesday 7 January, 4- 5.30pm, Room S0.19 Social Sciences Building

This roundtable will focus on the extent to which human security agendas have been folded into the concept of R2P (Responsibility to Protect) and the benefits and pitfalls associated with this policy turn. The speakers include:

Sara Davies (Queensland University of Technology)

Aiden Hehir (Westminster)

Alex Homolar (Warwick)

Elisa Lopez (Warwick)

The event is co-sponsored by the Global Governance GRP, PAIS and SISAW (Speaking International Security at Warwick). It will be followed by a drinks reception.