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Global Governance ParticipantAcademic Lead - The adademic lead coordinates the activities of the GRP-GG.

Convening Group - The convening group represents the different departments, centres and projects involved in the GRP-GG. It acts as advisory body for the academic lead.

Warwick Global Governance Researchers - List of researchers at the University of Warwick who work on Global Governance-related issues. It can be searched by research/by department/by research interests.

Distinguished Visiting Fellows - In collaboration with other university units, the GRP-GG facilitates short visits by distinguished visiting fellows. Dr Yash Tandon, former Executive Director of the South Centre, was appointed to the Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation as a Visiting Professor under the auspices of the GRP-GG in 2014. The Visiting Fellow in 2013 - in collaboration with the Institute of Advanced Studies - was Professor Mitchell Orenstein from Northeastern University.

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