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Swaran Singh

  • Professor, Warwick Medical School, University of Warwick
  • Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist, Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Foundation Trust

Research interests in global governance

  • (global) public policy aspects of mental health in developing countries

Indicative publications

  • Prof Swaran P Singh,Kath Harley and Kausar Suhail, (2011) 'Cultural Specificity of Emotional Overinvolvement: A Systematic Review' Schizophrenia Bulletin doi:10.1093/schbul/sbr170 (37), [article]
  • Large, M. Smith, G. Sharma, S. Nielssen, O. Singh, S.P.(2011) 'Systematic review and meta-analysis of the clinical factors associated with the suicide of psychiatric in-patients' Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica 124 (1), 18 - 29
  • Meier, R. Murphy, M. Singh, S.P. Lamb, C.(2011) 'Developing services to improve the quality of life of young people with neurodevelopmental disorders, emotional/neurotic disorders and emerging personality disorder' 1 - 24
  • Lloyd, Helen Singh, Pratima Merritt, Rowena Shetty, Adarsh Yiend, Jenny Singh, S.P. Burns, Tom(2011) 'A comparison of levels of burden in Indian and white parents with a son or daughter with schizophrenia' International Journal Of Social Psychiatry 57 (3), 300 - 311 [article]
  • Large, M.M. Ryan, C.J. Singh, S.P. Paton, M.B. Nielssen, O.B.(2011) 'The predictive value of risk categorization in schizophrenia' Harvard Review of Psychiatry 19 (1), 25 - 33

Projects and grants

  • An investigation of the usefulness of social firms in promoting vocational recovery for people with mental health problems, with Dr Steven Marwaha, Warwick Medical School, Funded by: National Institute for Health Research (DoH), Project Start Date: 01/04/2010 Project End Date: 31/03/2013
  • Understanding the mental health needs of young offenders in West Midlands: Research Proposal and Development of a Full Business Case, with - Dr Steven Marwaha - Health Sciences Research Institute, Funded by: Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health NHS Trust, Project Start Date: 01/03/2011 Project End Date: 31/08/2012
  • ENRICH Programme Grant: A series of interlinked projects to understand ethnic differences in pathways to care
  • AMEND study: A multisite exploration of the impact of the 2007 Amendments to the Mental Health Act (1983)
  • ENDEAVOUR Trial: A multisite randomised trial for improving vocational outcomes in early psychosis
  • The BRIDGE Project: Comparison of tow models of transitional care to improve transitions from CAMHS to adult mental health care
  • Development and Evaluation of YouthSpace programme: an evidence based approach to the development and evaluation of youth mental health service (16-25) in Birmingham
  • The TRACK study: A multisite study of transitions of care from CAMHS to adult services

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