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The Externalisation of the EU Economic Governance


This is a pilot project developed as a result of ‘seed funding’ from the Warwick-Queen Mary Partnership. The research Team comprises of:

Liam Campling (School of Business and Management, Queen Mary)

James Harrison (School of Law, Warwick)

Ben Richardson (Politics and International Studies, Warwick)

Adrian Smith (Geography, Queen Mary).

The aim of the pilot project is to explore and better understand the emerging architecture of governance of the EU’s external economic relations and the consequences for human rights, labour standards and development outcomes in countries outside of the EU.

Through a series of meetings in London, Warwick and Brussels exploring mutual interests in this area, the following activities have been undertaken:

  • Literature review of major academic research with respect to the EU’s trading arrangements, including its underlying philosophy, ideational role, treatment of labour, human rights and various technical standards;
  • Initial mapping of specific trade agreements and their provisions in relation to labour, human rights and various technical standards;
  • Analysis of trade data between third countries and EU in order to identify major export industries;
  • Intelligence gathering mission to Brussels to interview key EU, business and civil society actors.

The project team are currently planning the next stages of the project.