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Analytical Resources

This page is a list of resources I have found useful in my career and hopefully others may find them of use also. Obviously I can't create a page with all analytical resources ever (although that may be cool) so I have kept this to information that is relevant to polymers and/or instruments that I have in the facility.

As with the other pages, I have not created this content, if you have and want it removed email


Anton-Paar Wiki - great for rheology, particle sizing and much, much more.

Spectra Database

Glossary of UV-Vis Spectrophotometry

Polymer Properties Database

Shodex HPLC Guide

UNSW Materials Testing

Analytical Chemistry Trust Fund - a useful resource for analytical scientists looking for support or funding amongst other things


Introduction to headspace Gas Chromatography - Perkin Elmer

Intro to Dynamic Light Scattering - Malvern

Mechanical Materials Testing

Prep HPLC Guide - Agilent

Particle Size Analysis Handbook - Horiba

Zetapotential Guide - Malvern