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GPC/SEC Resources

Below I have compiled a selection of GPC/SEC resources that will be helpful for learning the technique and developing methodologies. These include training resources and application notes.

For any specific queries please feel free to contact Dan at

Dan can also offer bespoke training courses and seminars, some of which can be conducted online.

Very few of these have been created by me, I only aim to create a useful database; if any of the content owners do not want their content shared here please contact me and I will remove them.

Introduction Guides

GPC Primer

Introduction to multi-detector GPC

Agilent GPC Guide

Tosoh GPC Glossary

Multi Detector Comparisons

Light Scattering - Malvern

Light Scattering tips and tricks - The Column

dn/dc Values - Malvern

Consumable Guides

GPC Calibration Standards

Agilent Organic Column Guide

Agilent Aqueous Column Guide

Agilent Column Selection Guide

Waters Column Guide

Column Selection Poster

Application Notes

Excipient Analysis by GPC


High Temperature GPC Application Note


Hydroxy Ethyl Cellulose




Polyacrylic acids

Protein Aggregates

Polyethylene Branching

Soidum Polystyrene Sulfonate


Biodegradeable Polymers

Engineering Polymers (including PEEK)


Tosoh Application Guide

Useful Papers

Simon Harrisson - dispersity

Grubbs and Grubbs - History of Living Radical Polymerisation

Determination of molecular weight by light scattering - Hugins (contains dn/dc tables)

Useful Websites

dn/dc guide


Rg vs Rh - Malvern Panalytical

GPC FAQ - Waters

Determining dn/dc - Chromatography Online

DRi Detectors - Chromatography Online

Column Selection Tool - PSS


dn/dc Database