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Coding and software development - online courses and virtual drop-in support available to start up or advance your skills

With more time working from home, you may be thinking about starting to learn some software development to further your research or to learn a new skill. However, getting started is often difficult and can be daunting. To help, we have compiled a list of excellent free online training courses that will help you to learn the basics of programming here.

But we realise that these online courses don’t provide ideal support if something doesn't quite make sense or you can't quite see why something works. Or, it may be that once you have finished one of these courses it is confusing how to take what you have learned and take the next step, either moving on to learning more complex elements of your chosen programming language or applying what you have learned to real problems of interest. We know it is useful to have someone to quiz about how things work, how to overcome a dead-end or what’s the next step to take. This is where the Research Software Engineering group is happy to help via new weekly drop-in sessions at 3pm every Wednesday. Please join us for the next seminar below:

"Learning Programming - Dealing with Arrays"- 3pm on 13th May.

The drop-in sessions will provide a 10-15 minute microseminar on a computer programming or software development topic and we welcome suggestions for these. We will then be happy to answer any questions that people have over a video conference link. The microseminars will also be available on Youtube for catch-up at a later date.

You can also contact us via and if you are interested in data analysis you may find the Bioinformatic RTP a useful resource too.

The Research Software Engineer Team,

Chris and Heather