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Frequently Asked Questions

Contents :

Section 1 : Where is / Where can I

Section 2 : Reporting faults

Section 3 : Opening times

Section 4 : Term time accommodation

Section 5 : Vacation accommodation

Section 6 : Information regarding keys

Section 7 : Car Parking and fines

Section 8 : Information on Warwick Conferences



Where is the Academic Room ……………...?

If you do not know which building a room is situated in, try visiting your department homepage which should inform you where they are located.


Where is the …………………… department?

You can find the location of the various departments of the University from the campus map at: you may then follow directions from the campus map.


Where can I find Lost Property?

Any lost property handed to Student Reception (Ground Floor Senate House) can be collected from us during our opening hours. Our opening hours are Monday to Friday 8am-8pm, Weekends 10am - 6pm. Any valuables are kept until the end of the academic year. Clothing is kept for 2 weeks. We will make every attempt to contact you if an item of lost property is handed in. This is obviously a lot easier if it has your name on it. If you have lost something and think it might be handed into reception, you can email us or fill in a lost property form and we will let you know if anything arrives.


Where are the permitted Barbecue sites?

Barbecues can only be held at official Barbecue sites. Authorisation must be approved prior to a barbecue being held. Further information and an application form can be found at


Where is the Westwood Launderette?

The launderette on the Westwood campus is located in the Institute of Education building, and contains coin-operated machines.

To view our campus maps, please click here


Where is the Crèche on-campus?

The Nursery is located on Scarman Road towards Lakeside.


Where are the on-campus recycling points?

Updated information about recycling points can be found at the following link:


Where is the IT Services department?

The IT Services helpdesk is situated on the first floor of the Library. IT Services are open from Monday to Friday, 9.00am - 5.30pm. They may be contacted on the following number: 02476 5 73737. Emails may also be sent to: For any faults related to IT please call IT Services. For network problems within on-campus accommodation call 02476 5 75000


Where is the Learning Grid?

The University has two Leanring Grids, one is on the ground floor of University House, the other is located in the Rootes Building on the ground floor. You will need a Warwick ID card to gain access. The Learning Grids have computer terminals for students use and also wireless internet access if using your own laptop.


Where is Milburn House?

Milburn House is on the Science Park, near University House. It can found on the interactive map

Walk to University House by foot and it will be signposted from there.


Where is the porters’ cabin?

The University has 7 porter’s lodges situated as follows:

University House T.Green 22823 Mobile 07876 217 857

B.Derbyshire 22823 Mobile 07876 217 858

Bridge Lodge A.A.Grant 22140

Maths and Stats B.Griffin 22578

Humanities D.L.Wright 22460

Social studies Hussain & Pyott 22262

W Medical School A.Cook 75771

Westwood T.Hutchison 22861

For more information please click here


Where can I buy a laptop?

Laptops can be purchased from IT services on the University campus.


Where can I get a bus timetable?

Bus timetables are available online at the relevant bus company’s website or a selection of timetables are available in hardcopy at Student Reception (Ground Floor Senate House)


I have lost my ID card, where can I get a new one?

Any new or replacement University ID card issued will now also work as an Eating at Warwick card – you will no longer need to use your separate pink Eating at Warwick card.

If you have an existing Eating at Warwick card, when you get a replacement ID card, your current pink Eating at Warwick card will be cancelled, any cash you had on it will be moved over to the new combined card.

Replacement ID cards are issued at University House Reception (10am – 3pm Monday to Friday), and now also at Student Reception (Ground Floor Senate House) between 8am – 8pm Monday to Friday and 10am – 6pm at the weekends.


Where can I watch sports?

The Students Union and Rootes Building sometimes display sports programmes in the bar areas. Please check the viewing schedule prior to an event to avoid disappointment.


Where can I get the green recycling bags from?

These are provided by the domestic staff in your residency. Please ask one of your cleaning staff if you require one.


Where can I find my resident tutor?

A member of residential staff lives in each accommodation block. Their flat will have a sign for Warden or Tutor on the door. Contact details may be found in the kitchen of your accommodation or in the accommodation handbook specific to your residence.


Where can I get proof of address?

Your accommodation contract can be used as proof of address.

On-campus accommodation contracts can be printed off at For an off-campus accommodation contract, please ask at Student Reception between 8am – 8pm Monday - Friday and 10am - 6pm at weekends. Please allow one working day for letters and contracts to be printed.


Who can help me with my private off-campus contract?

You can go to the Student Union North Reception. There is an Advice and Welfare Department who can assist you. They will make you an appointment with Chloe Wynne, the Welfare Officer, who can help you with any issues related to your private accommodation.


Where can I smoke?

As per new legislation brought into effect in the UK in 2007, Smoking is prohibited in any public building. Please see for more information. Therefore smoking is strictly forbidden in any University of Warwick building.

Smokers must smoke outdoors and dispose of the residues lawfully.



Off-campus maintenance problems

If you have a maintenance problem in your off-campus accommodation, please report it online at:

If you have no hot water or heating and your property is covered by D&K Heating, you may contact them at anytime who will come out to the property to fix the problem. Contact details for D&K Heating and whether your property is covered by them should be detailed in your arrival pack.

On-campus maintenance problems

If you have a maintenance problem in your on-campus accommodation, please report it online at:

If your problem is urgent e.g. no electricity, please contact Student Accommodation Reception or outside of Reception opening hours contact Security (see contact details).




What are the Sports Centre opening hours?


Term Time

Central Campus Westwood Games Hall

Monday to Friday 7.15am to 10pm

Saturday 7.15am to 7.30pm

Sunday 9.00am to 9.30pm

Vacation Time

Central Campus Westwood Games Hall

Monday to Friday 7.15am to 9.30pm

Saturday 7.15am to 9.30pm

Sunday 7.15am to 9.30pm


What are the opening times of Rootes Grocery Store?


Term Time

Central Campus Westwood

Monday to Friday 7:30am - Midnight

Saturday 9.00am to 11.00pm

Sunday 11.00am to 5.00pm

Vacation Time

Central Campus Westwood

Monday to Friday 8.00am to 8.00pm

Saturday 9.00am to 8.00pm

Sunday 11.00am to 5.00pm




Accommodation Application

How do I apply for on-campus accommodation? What type of accommodation am I eligible for during my studies at Warwick?

All applications can be made online at Paper applications cannot be accepted.


How do I apply for off-campus accommodation? (Returning student)

Warwick Accommodation manages several hundred properties in Coventry, Leamington and Kenilworth, of different sizes depending on how many people you want to live with. There are also single rooms to book if you are looking for one person.

You can look at all the properties available on the Warwick Accommodation website. Once you’ve found a property, form your group online and book a viewing. You then have 48 hours to view the property and sign the contract.




Can I stay in my term time on-campus room during the holidays?

This will depend on the letting period of your contract. The following applies: -

34 week let accommodation: Covers term time as well as Christmas however you will need to vacate your room at Easter. You are not able to extend your contract over Easter, you will need to book vacation accommodation through Student Reception.

39 week let accommodation: You will be able to stay in your room during term time and throughout Christmas and Easter holidays. You will need to move out of your accommodation during the summer.

40 week let accommodation: Covers term time and Christmas and Easter vacation.

51 week let accommodation: You can stay in your room during term time, Christmas, Easter and summer vacation, and will need to move out mid September.

If you are unsure of the length of your contract, check your on-campus contract for the exact dates.


Where can I stay during the vacation?

Vacation accommodation is available during the vacation times (Easter & Summer only). Vacation rooms are on-campus rooms with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities however you can opt to have an en-suite room at an added cost during the Summer vacation. They are only available to Warwick students. Prices are as follows: -

Warwick Student: £13.00 per room per night (Shared facilities) £20.00 per room per night (En-suite)

Vacation accommodation must be booked and paid for on the Student Reception website. Further information is available at Bookings are taken from approximately week 7 or 8 of term. A 5 consecutive night minimum stay applies. Rooms are limited and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.


What is the allocation process?

We do not pre-allocate rooms. When you come to Student Reception (Ground Floor Senate House) to collect your keys you will be given the first key available. If you wish to be close to a friend then you and your friend should come to Student Reception at the same time, otherwise there is no guarantee you will be allocated next to each other.




What do I do if I lose my on-campus room keys?

Student Reception (Ground Floor Senate House) can provide you with a new bedroom key, free of charge.

If you have a physcial key that requires a post box key you will need to request this from your Accommodation Services Manager.

If you require a spare key, please bring photographic I.D. with you.


What do I do if I lose my off-campus keys?

Small Property (no locks on the bedroom doors)

You will have to get another set of keys cut from a housemates’ set. You are responsible to pay for your new set of keys.

You also need to email your Property Manager to inform them that you have had a new set of keys cut as a result of losing your keys, as they will need to arrange for a new numbered brass tag for your new keys.

Large Property (lockable bedroom doors)

Student Reception (Ground Floor Senate House) can provide a temporary bedroom key and front door key if required for you to take away and make a copy of. You must return the temporary key(s) before Reception closes on the same day they are issued to you otherwise your student account will be charged £30.


I am locked out of my on-campus room. What are the options?

If you find yourself locked out of your bedroom within Student Reception opening hours then pleas visit us and we will issue yo with a spare key.

If reception is closed or you are not appropriately dressed for the trip then please contact your resident tutor to gain access to your room, you will still need to get a new key from Student Reception if yours has been lost.


My on-campus room key is bent. Do I have to buy a new key?

No. If for any reason your key is bent and does not work anymore you can come to Student Reception (Ground Floor Senate House) and have a replacement. The new key is free of charge.

If your electronis key does not work then please visit Student Reception (Ground Floor Senate House) to obtain a replacement. The new key is free of charge.


My key is stuck in the lock to residence front door what should I do?

Inform Student Reception (Ground Floor Senate House) who will contact Estates Maintenance Team. If it happens outside office hours call Student Reception (or Security if it is after 8pm) and we will contact the locksmith.


How am I able to collect my accommodation keys if arriving to the University outside Student Accommodation Reception opening hours?

Please email to inform us of the date and time you expect to arrive. We will then send your keys to the security main gatehouse who are open 24 hours for your collection.


Can I arrange for a friend to collect my accommodation keys for me?

At the start of term we would prefer to send your keys to the security main gatehouse who are open 24 hours for your collection. However, after this if you would like your friend to pick up your keys, send us an email to telling us your friend’s name and student number and when they will be picking up the key. We will then issue the key to your named friend. Please be aware you will be responsible for anything that happens to your room and no one should be staying in it while you are not present.


If I’m leaving my accommodation outside of Student Accommodation Reception opening hours, where shall I leave my key?

You can leave your keys at the security main gatehouse who are open 24 hours. Security will then return your keys to Student Reception when they reopen.



Where can I get a car park permit?

For information on different types of car park permits and to apply visit For more information in person, please ask to speak to someone from the car parking team at University House reception.

Can I park overnight?

Parking is only permitted overnight if an overnight permit has been purchased. For more information please click here

Where can I park free of charge?

All car parks on campus are now chargeable. For information on the different types of car parks on campus please visit



For more information on Warwick Conferences, please click here



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