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About Us

Welcome to the Multifaith Chaplaincy at the University of Warwick

Our Chaplains and Faith Advisors delight in the diversity and vibrancy of relationships between people with differing worldviews. We would love you to be part of the community here and to feel at home.

If you need space to reflect in the midst of a busy academic life, you can find it at the Chaplaincy. It's a place of safety, care and encounter. We're here for absolutely anyone who would appreciate our spaces and the support of our Chaplains.

Drop in and make yourself a hot drink; take a seat in our lounge or study spaces; chat and socialise with friends in the Central Space when it is not in use for a booked event; meet new people; reflect or pray. Life can be challenging, so if you’d like someone to listen, our Chaplains are there for you. A Chaplain listens confidentially and non-judgmentally. We are here for everyone: whether you belong to a particular religion, faith or belief, none at all or if you’re asking questions. You are all welcome.

If you have a particular religion, faith or belief we are able to help you meet with people who share your tradition and can offer you support and companionship.