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The University of Warwick has been named as one of the world’s top 20 Most International universities by the Times Higher Education (THE) – ranked 20th overall and 10th in the UK. We are proud of our internationally-diverse community which draws on many cultures, religions, beliefs and faiths. The Chaplaincy is here to support you in the practise of your beliefs during your time at Warwick.

We would love you to be part of the community here and to feel at home.

Our Chaplains and Faith Advisors delight in the diversity and vibrancy of relationships between people with differing world and religious views. Chaplains are available to speak to anyone, whatever their religious beliefs.

Warwick has a wide array of Student Societies where you can meet people who share your beliefs, or where you can find out about cultures, beliefs and worldviews different to your own.

University can be a challenging time to maintain patterns of prayer and commitment to faith. But it is also an enormously exciting time of finding our identity, asking questions and exploring faith. Whether you are looking for support or stimulation in your journey of faith; the Chaplaincy is a great place to visit.


The UK Interfaith NetworkLink opens in a new window publishes an annual list of the major religious festivals which includes a guide to suggested forms of greeting for these festivals.

Multi-faith Armistice Day Service, 2019