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Christian Chaplains 2018

Fr Harry and Kate, warmly welcome you to the Christian Chaplaincy at the University of Warwick.

We look after our own faith communities, as well as getting involved in the wider wellbeing of University life, and work closely together for festivals and retreats in the year, including:

- University Carol Service at the end of term 1
- Ash Wednesday Service in term 2
- An Annual Retreat away, usually at the start of the Easter Vacation
- A Retreat in Daily Life run in term 3

There are also services and events for the Catholic and Anglican/Free Church communities all through the year.

In term time these include:

- Midweek communion / Mass: Wednesday at 12:30pm in the Chapel for members of Anglican and Free Church traditions
- Thursdays and Fridays at 12.15pm in the Chapel for members of the Catholic tradition
- Sunday Services: Catholic Mass at 12.30pm in the Chaplaincy Central Space
- 5 O'Clock service (Church on Campus), led by our Anglican Chaplain

Everyone is very welcome at any of our services.

You can access the Catholic Chapalincy's term card for Term 1 2018/19 here:  

and the Anglican and Free Church Chaplaincy's term card for Term 2 2018/19 here:  

There are also Bible Study and Small Groups hosted by the Chaplains which run through term time - please contact Kate or Fr Harry for more information.


The library space in the Chaplaincy has a good number of Christian books, devotionals and Bible guides. Students are welcome to borrow books by signing them out and returning within a few weeks.



carol service 2017carol service 2017 2

Annual Carol Service


End of year Barbecue

big brekkie 2

Christian Aid Big Brekkie


Prayer Labyrinth