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Further event details, including details of a meal out on Saturday evening, can be found on Facebook

Intoducing the Jewish Chaplaincy

Rabbi Fishel Cohen is the Jewish Chaplain to the University. He can usually be found in the Chaplaincy on Wednesday afternoons in term time or you're also welcome to contact him by phone or email.

Within the Chaplaincy there is a Jewish Meeting Room, together with Kosher Kitchens. To organise regular access to these spaces, students and staff should contact Rabbi Fishel or the Jewish Israeli Society.

The Jewish Israeli Society hosts a bagel lunch, open to everyone, in the Chaplaincy. To find out the dates and times, go to FaceBook

Also in term times, there is a Shabbat Dinner in the Chaplaincy central space on Fridays from 8pm - check FaceBook for details.