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How We Work

Chaplains work collaboratively, with decisions are made consultatively at our weekly team meetings. We are supported by the Chaplaincy Reference Group and Director of Wellbeing.

The Chaplaincy Team is made up of Chaplain and Faith Advisors. The team is supported by the Chaplaincy Coordinator.

Chaplains’ Roles

Our Chaplains have all signed the University’s Multi-Faith Statement, which sets out our shared values, and models an open and respectful approach to working with those of different faiths and beliefs.

Chaplains are available for students and staff, regardless of their faith position, for guidance and pastoral care. They provide support and encouragement to their respective faith communities and encourage the exploration of spirituality, faith and belief in a world where 85% of the population profess religious belief of some form.

Chaplains work closely with the University to ensure the flourishing of the community here and enable dialogue with those of different faith perspectives. They contribute to the formational life of the University for every student and staff member, and stand up for those on the margins of University life and society.

Faith Advisors' Roles

Faith Advisors help in enhancing the service Chaplains are able to offer, by providing support and guidance to students and staff from their faith groups.

A Faith Advisor’s role is different to a Chaplain, in that it is focussed on working with and supporting the faith community from which they come. Faith Advisers act as a point of contact for new staff and students; provide guidance and support, in connection to their faith, to students and staff; signpost staff and students to local faith communities; advise the Chaplains on issues and concerns of the faith community on campus that they support, and are available to occasionally facilitate the provision of gatherings for worship and prayer on campus for staff and students.

Chaplaincy Coordinator's Role

The Chaplaincy Coordinator facilitates and supports the day-to-day running of the Chaplaincy, and works mostly 'behind the scenes'. They are responsible for the upkeep of Chaplaincy spaces, finances, health and safety and supporting the University, Faith Societies and Chaplains in practical matters. The Chaplaincy Coordinator is the designated Safeguarding contact and First Aider for the Chaplaincy.

The Chaplaincy Coordinator also supports the work of the Chaplaincy User Forum, which is made up of representatives from our Faith Societies, the Students' Union and Chaplains.

In term time, the Chaplaincy Office is usually open to respond to enquires between 10:00 - 12:00 and 14:00 - 16:00 but visitors can call the office to confirm that someone is available in advance of visiting on 02476 523 519, if they wish to.