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Brain boosting foods to eat at your next meeting
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When attending a meeting, conference or event, choosing nourishing foods is key for a productive session.

Staying focused and energised throughout the day can be challenging, especially when less-than-healthy options seem like the more attractive option. But too much caffeine and sugary foods can actually hinder productivity.

Nutrient filled choices can help keep you satisfied and focused all day long, avoiding the usual post-lunch slump.

Next time you’re brainstorming, opt for these naturally boosting foods that work with your brain, rather than slowing it down.

Healthy fats to enhance performance

Fats fuel brain power, memory function and mental performance. Unsaturated fats found in oily fish, avocados, olive oils, nuts and seeds are great for a healthy mind.

fish for brain healthEach of our training centres has its own unlimited snack bar. Why not grab a handful of almonds or hazelnuts, both packed with vitamin E - an important nutrient for brain health.

Omega-3’s found in some fish can enhance speaking ability, so next time you’re presenting consider choosing the salmon from our food menu.

Proteins for alertness

Hummus is popular for many reasons and the main ingredient, chickpea, is a great source of protein.

Proteins provide neurons with the energy they need to communicate with the brain, helping you to complete tasks and stay alert.

Other great sources of protein are beans, lentils, eggs and high-quality meats. We work with farmers across the region to source local meat, ensuring outstanding quality, taste, and brain-boosting power.

Staying hydrated

One of the best ways to keep hydrated is drinking water. But did you know you can up your water intake with food too?

Celery, cucumber, salad leaves and fruit are filled with water and will keep you hydrated for hours.

You’ll find a large selection of fresh vegetables on offer at our salad bars so that you can stay refreshed. You can even refuel in our lounge areas with crisp whole fruit, mixed fruit pots and fruit juice on offer.

Staying hydrated

Caffeine alternatives

Dark chocolate, cereal bars and bananas release energy slowly, giving you an energy spike without the crash. Before reaching for that second coffee, try incorporating these foods throughout the day instead.

You'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to our nut and cereal bar selection. For those with dietary requirements, there are plenty of gluten-free options too.

Carbohydrates for steady energy

Like caffeine, some carbohydrates can produce a spike in blood sugar levels resulting in an energy crash later on.

Our menu always includes a variety of healthy carbohydrates, from sweet potato and brown rice to oats, keeping you going way beyond lunch.

Try it yourself

The next time you attend a meeting, conference or event, give these tips a try and see if you notice the brain-boosting benefits.


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