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Blog: The importance of creative spaces for learning & development

kitchen space

How are the venue needs and delivery of the learning and development sector changing?

The learning and development industry landscape has seen the growing confluence of an advancement in technology and a demand from the incoming generations entering the workplace.

These factors have therefore created a shift in L&D trainer objectives when searching for a meeting and events venue to host their training and development sessions. HR professionals are now driving a demand for experiential and memorable environments to enhance their learning programme delivery.

There is a recognised opportunity for venues that can provide training environments which are inspirational and thought-provoking. This ability to re-define the traditional meeting room, must also offer the occupier ultimate functionality, whilst providing both a high-impact and a strong return on investment.

Designed around your needs

As an industry-leader, we pride ourselves on being the first academic market to develop a suite of creative spaces that are designed all around meeting the evolving needs of the Learning and Development industry.

With evidence to support the direct relationship between how the physical environment of an individual can influence performance and productivity outcomes, it is now pertaining for the choice of the venue for L&D programmes to hold increasingly more significance to the trainer.

See the impact our spaces have had

Our very own clients such as DHL and Handelsbanken have acclaimed the usage of our creative spaces to enhance their own developmental programmes, covering topics from self-awareness to relationship-essential modules within their itineraries.

How are we responding to this shift in our consumer demands?

As a venue based upon customer centricity, our wealth of industry expertise understands that the meeting room of the future is centred on creating the ultimate memorable experience, for both the delegate and trainer. These spaces have been designed to tap into the subconscious of the delegate on that day and evoke memories of their time with us later on in the future.

Our portfolio of creative spaces within our Scarman venue include The Kitchen, The Studio and The Living Space. Each one has been designed to not only satisfy the numbers of a training cohort, but act as a feature of the programme itself.


These spaces enable us to enhance the facilitation of workplace learning, simply through establishing an emotive connection with guests in an environment that encourages collaboration. From there, trainers will see how by placing their learners into the unexpected can create a revolutionary dimension of thinking.

Just one of the features within the spaces that have been designed to tap into the needs of delegates, includes a kettle and a fridge that allows learners to simply flick the kettle on and make their own round of drinks and snacks.

This alternative way of refreshing delegates throughout their plenary further removes formalities and creates fluency to their sessions. This simple repositioning of pleasantries, can be the trigger that L&D trainers are looking for to get their delegates to think differently and relax into their programme efficiently.

Adapting their surroundings can be the solution to altering the emotional and behavioural consequences of the cohort, which will inevitably enhance productivity, and therefore the organisation's results.

More to come...

Over the next month we will be delving deeper into the importance of the training and development environments for L&D programmes.

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming articles in our series on 'The Importance of Creative Spaces', where we will explore the discussion and the rationale behind each of our spaces.

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