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Creative meeting spaces

Creative meeting spaces

Inspire new ways of thinking that redefine the meeting room

Establish an emotive connection between the learner and trainer for your conference, training or meeting. Discover unique meeting spaces with seating for 8 to 26 delegates.

Relaxed settings, engaging environments

Discover unique meeting spaces that create a comfortable, memorable and inspiring experience for your delegates.

What our clients think...

The spaces make the delegates think completely differently and they relax into the space. It’s completely unique to see.

Robert Bramley-Buhler, DHL

The benefits of creative spaces

  • Helps delegates relax into the session almost instantly.
  • Encourages different thinking.
  • Enhance learning programme delivery to improve productivity outcomes.
  • Helps establish an emotive connection that encourages collaboration.
  • A purpose built learning room provides a space for innovation.
  • An unusual meeting room creates a environment that evokes memories later on.

Discover the spaces

Creative meeting spaces with large boardroom table and seating and monitor on the wall

The Boardroom

Virtual tour

A sophisticated setting for decision making and collaboration. Features both comfort, convenience and the latest collaborative technology.

  • Boardroom table with 14 executive office chairs
  • 360° ‘Meeting Owl Pro’ camera for online meetings that automatically moves to the person in the room who is talking
  • 50" LED presentation screen, Click-Share wireless sharing and speaker phone
  • In-room coffee machine and tea making facilities
  • Prices available on request, please get in touch

A group of people on comfy beanbag seating working together with graphic doodle decoration on the wall.

The Studio

Virtual tour

Perfect for idea-generation and interaction. Think boards and sticky notes for scribbling down your ideas and comfy beanbag seating to enter a creative state of mind.

  • Informal seating for up to eight guests
  • Interactive SMART screen and in-room AV
  • Full day from £250 / half day from £150

A range of comfy seating in a light, airy creative meeting room

The Living Space

Virtual tour

For informal catch-ups or small team meetings. A bright and restful home away from home with armchairs and sofas to breakdown barriers and let conversation flow.

  • Lounge-style seating for up to eight guests
  • Interactive SMART screen and in-room AV
  • Full day from £250 / half day from £150

A creative kitchen meeting room with a U-shape table layout, with kitchen features including a fridge along the wall

The Large Kitchen

Virtual tour

Have captivating conversations around the kitchen table. The familiar feeling of the kitchen nourishes concentration, whilst wall doodles and kitchen accessories ignite curiosity.

  • Boardroom seating for up to 26 guests
  • Choose your room layout: U-shape 18 guests, Cabaret 24 guests, Boardroom 26 guests
  • In-room AV
  • Full day from £395 / half day from £200

Delegates at a high table eating food and talking together.

The Small Kitchen

Virtual tour

Feed creativity and collaborate with an interactive touch screen to bring your discussions to life. Share ideas over a cup of tea or a snack from the freshly stocked fridge in this unusual meeting room.

  • Boardroom seating for up to eight guests
  • Interactive SMART screen and in-room AV
  • Full day from £250 / half day from £150

Interested in fresh air thinking?

Have your next meeting in nature for a unique outdoor experience. Available as a sole outdoor meeting space or as part of your day booking.

Included with your experience

Free parking

Free, reliable Wi-Fi

Inclusive AV equipment

Unlimited refreshments for Scarman & Radcliffe delegates

Start your creative journey

Find out more about booking a creative learning environment for your delegates with the help of our expert team.

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