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Dean of Students Office

Dean of Students Office

Warwick Awards for Personal Tutoring Excellence (WAPTE)

The Warwick Awards for Personal Tutoring Excellence (WAPTE) enable members of the Warwick community to recognise staff who have made an outstanding contribution to the support of students through the University's personal tutoring system. This Award managed by the Dean of Students Office.

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Community Values Education Programme (CVEP)

We support the University's work on community values by developing resources that enable students to explore Warwick values in a structured and supportive way. We offer:

  • 'Introduction to Community Values' toolkit to use during Welcome Week.
  • Introduction to being an Active Bystander' workshops.
  • Active Bystander Intervention courses, tackling sexual misconduct (HEAR accredited).

Student Peer Support

Peer support facilitates students in their university experience. From the transition to university and progression throughout, students are able to benefit from others' experiences, and both mentees and mentors can develop transferable skills.