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About the project: VDT @ Warwick

About Vincent Dance Theatre

Vincent Dance Theatre (VDT) was founded in 1994 and is led by Artistic Director Charlotte Vincent. VDT produce powerful socially engaged dance theatre work on stage, on film and online, accompanied by extensive programmes of participation activities.

Charlotte Vincent is considered ‘one of the UK’s leading female choreographer/directors’ and ‘one of the most important feminist artists working in Britain today’ (The Observer).

VDT is an international ensemble of multi-tasking collaborators who devise interdisciplinary performance to challenge conventional values in dance and gender politics.

VDT seek to ‘apply’ their productions in a variety of contexts and settings to raise debate and foster understanding of the issues explored in the productions through the wider distribution of their films and participation work.

Learn more about Vincent Dance Theatre here

Virgin Territory full production background information here

Shut Down full production background information here

Find VDT on social media:
Twitter: @VincentDT
Facebook: vincentdance
YouTube: Vincentdt
Flikr: Vincent Dance Theatre

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Digital Theatre+ holds the full length film production licences for Shut Down and Virgin Territory along with further educational resource materials.

About the project

Dr Cath Lambert, Associate Professor of Sociology, collaborates with VDT, offering ways to directly engage a wide range of students around issues of gendered and sexualised violence and consent. This collaborative, transdisciplinary project originally involved staging a multi-screen film installation of Virgin Territory and Shut Down, accompanied by live workshop activities. It speaks directly to the aims of the newly formed Community Values Education Programme (CVEP). Originally targeting tudents and staff from across the University as ‘drop in’ visitors to the Student Union Copper Rooms, the delivery of the project went online as a result of Covid-19.

It was delivered in November 2020, as a series of two-hour long workshops, with participants from across the university. These workshops provided space to discuss wide-spread social concerns about gendered and sexualised inequities and misconducts, manifesting in movements such as #metoo and engaged with raised awareness and calls for action around sexual harassment and misconduct cross the University sector and localised issues raised at Warwick. An unexpected outcome of the workshops was the way that students participated in conversations around consent, party culture, and social media with staff members.

We believe that it is vital to continue these conversations in our university classrooms, and so we have developed five short sessions to be used to stimulate honest conversations about gender, sexuality, and the university environment. There are options provided for online and in-person contexts.

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