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Self-Assessment Team

The Athena Swan Self-Assessment Team's (SAT) role is take oversight of University-wide activities towards gender equality and oversee the institutional Athena Swan application. The Group reports to Senate via the Social Inclusion Committee (formerly Equality and diversity Committee) and directly to Steering.

The Athena Swan SAT is Chaired by Professor Kate Seers (Director Warwick Research in Nursing, WMS) with Professor Georgia Kremmyda (Engineering) as Deputy Chair.

The membership is as follows:

  • Registrar: Rachel Sandby-Thomas (Social Inclusion Executive Sponsor for gender).
  • Representatives from each Faculty:
    • Faculty of Arts: Professor Penny Roberts and Damien Homer, History; Dr Julie Wright, Film & TV Studies.
    • Faculty of Science, Engineering and Medicine: Professor Ranko Lazic, Computer Science; Professor David Leadley, Physics; Professor Caroline Meyer, WMG; Dr Kirstie Haywood, WMS; Dr Livia Bartók-Pártay, Chemistry.
    • Faculty of Social Sciences: Professor Matthew Nudds, Philosophy; Dr Maria do Mar Pereira, Sociology; Linda Triangolo, WBS.
  • HR Strategy Director: Karen Terry Weymouth.
  • Chair of Gender Task Force: Professor Jo Collingwood.
  • Assistant Registrar (Strategic Plan & Analytics): Vicky Marsh.
  • ED&I Manager: Sandra Beaufoy.
  • ED&I Officer: Claire Algar; Michaela Hodges (Secretary).
  • Representative from PSS staff Grade 6-9: Jo Davis, Academic Support Manager, Warwick Business School.
  • Representative from PSS staff Grade 1a-5: Alex Albans, Chaplaincy.
  • Student representatives: Megan Clarke, Warwick Students’ Union Education Officer; Luke Mepham, Warwick Students' Union President.



Some areas of SAT work are lead by sub-groups, membership of which is as below:

  • Data Sub-Group.
    • Vicky Marsh.
    • Jo Davis.
    • Michaela Hodges.
    • David Leadley.
    • Luke Mepham.
  • Supporting and Advancing Women’s Careers Sub-Group.
    • Jo Collingwood.
    • Kirsten Harris.
    • Kirstie Haywood.
    • Julie Wright.
    • Claire Algar
    • Sandra Beaufoy.
    • Livia Bartók-Pártay.
    • Linda Triangolo.
  • Organisation and Culture Sub-Group.
    • Georgia Kremmyda.
    • Penny Roberts.
    • Ranko Lazic.
    • Damien Homer.
    • Claire Algar
    • Sandra Beaufoy.
    • Matthew Nudds.
    • Alex Albans.
    • Maria do Mar Pereira.


A higher proportion of male staff are BAME than female (17.8% Male; 16.8% Female))

The statistics in the infographic are from our Equality Monitoring Annual Report. If you'd like to know more about why we collect personal and protected characteristic information, have a look at the Equality Monitoring: Why Share Your Personal Information? webpage.

Photo from Unsplash. Colour filter and text added to original.

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You can find more information about gender equality in HE from the following sources:

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Athena Swan news

New Excellence in Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Award.

As part of the on-going Athena Swan transformation, Advance HE is consulting on the development of a culture survey to form part of submissions. Kate Seers (Athena Swan SAT Chair) and Matthew Nudds (Research Culture Committee) will be responding to the consultation on behalf of Warwick.

The NIHR have announced they no longer require academic partners to have a silver Athena Swan award, but this change does not alter our commitment to continuing to work to promote gender equality (September 2020)

New Athena Swan Renewal Process Announcement (December 2019)

Athena Swan Silver Charter award to 2022 (November 2018)