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New self-service tills in Rootes Grocery Store

We know that rootes grocery store can be extremely busy at certain times, particularly between 12-2pm when everyone breaks for lunch. Having listened to customers and as part of our commitment to improving customers' shopping experience in the store, we will be installing 6 self-service tills in December.

Quicker and more convenient

We hope customers will find the new tills more convenient and quicker - particuarly important if you're in a hurry and need to get back to the office or be at lectures. We also expect the queues for the main store tills to be quieter as customers choose the self-service tills as their preferred checkout option.

What happens if an item doesn't scan or I need assistance?

Don't worry - there will be staff on hand at all times if you need some help, a product doesn't scan or you've simply forgotten that all important item off your shopping list!

Will the new tills take Contactless?

Yes. The new tills will only accept credit/debit cards, Contactless and Apple/Android Pay.

When will the tills be installed?

Work will begin Monday 12 December and is expected to finish by Monday 19 December. We'll keep you posted if these dates change. During this time the store will continue to trade as normal.