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Ord. 10 Departments

***Amendments to Ordinance 10 were last approved by the University Council at the meeting on 18 October 2017, with changes taking immediate effect.***

Ordinance on Departments


(1) The membership of a Department shall consist of all the employees of the University who at the 1st of October in any year hold a contract of employment in that department of at least twelve months duration (or are seconded or otherwise assigned). Where an individual holds a contract in more than one department he/she shall be considered a member of all the departments concerned.

Responsibilities of a Head of Department

(2) Each Department shall have a Head, who shall be appointed under the provisions of the Ordinance on the Appointment of Heads of Departments except where the role of Head has been incorporated (ex officio) into a broader leadership role on the approval of the Senate.

(3) A Head of Department shall be responsible for the management of their Department to the Provost who may appoint a deputy for this purpose.

(4) All members of the Department shall be responsible to the Head through whatever decision-making and management structures the Head from time-to-time approves.

(5) Heads shall be responsible for a range of duties that shall be defined from time to time.

Management Structures

(6) The University will from time to time promulgate regulations setting out a framework for the management structure and staff consultation mechanisms.