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Ord. 15 Matriculation

Ordinance on Matriculation

(1)    Matriculation is the formal recognition of the right of a student to participate in a course of study or programme of research leading to a degree or diploma of the University.

(2)    No student shall be matriculated unless:

(a)    being a candidate for the Degree of Bachelor, he/she has satisfied the General Entrance Requirement and course requirements prescribed in the appropriate Regulations; or

(b)    being a candidate for a diploma or for a higher degree, he/she has satisfied the appropriate Regulations.

(3)    Matriculation is effected by the completion of the first enrolment of each student who has satisfied the University’s entrance requirements and accepted and fulfilled the conditions of an authorised offer of admission to a course of study or programme of research in the University.

(4)    For courses of study with a duration greater than 12 months, the continuation of a student's period of registration shall be contingent on the completion of a re-enrolment form prior to the commencement of successive academic years and also on the satisfaction of any conditions related to progression on the given course of study.

(5)    Matriculation shall confer the privilege of membership of the University and shall impose the obligation of abiding by the Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations of the University.