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1.1 Armorial Bearings of the University

The University of Warwick received its grant of Arms by virtue of Letters Patent from the college of arms dated 5 October 1966.

The correct heraldic blazon is as follows:


Quarterly Gules and Sable;

In the first quarter, an Elephant statant, on the back a Castle triple towered Or;

In the second and third quarters, representations of the two Isotopes of Lithium, that in the second quarter having six and that in the third seven Protons and neutrons in its nucleus, with Electrons in orbit Argent:

In the fourth quarter, a Bear and Ragged Staff Argent, muzzled Gules collared and chained Or;

On a Chief Argent, a representation of a DNA Double Helix, spirals Azure, lined Gules, with connecting Lines Or.


On a Wreath of the Colours, the Mantling Gules, doubled Or, an Open Book bound and clasped Argent, the pages

Or, inscribed thereon in Roman Capitals Sable MENS AGITAT MOLEM, and resting on a book fesswise Argent, the fore edge to the front Or.

The Elephant and Castle in the first quarter is for Coventry and the Bear and Ragged Staff in the fourth for Warwickshire.