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University Calendar 2010-2011

This electronic version of the University Calendar 2010/11 represents a snapshot of the structure and regulatory framework of the University.
Please note that sections relating to Research Centres will be updated following the ongoing review.

Table of Contents

Section 1

 1.1 Dates of Term
 1.2 Committee Timetable
 1.3 Armorial Bearings of the University
 1.4 Historical Note
 1.5 Principal Officers
 1.6 The Council and its Committees

 1.7 The Senate and its Committees
 1.8 Membership of Advisory Boards and Committees of Research Centres and Institutes 
 1.9 Faculty Advisory Boards
 1.10 Departmental Advisory Boards
 1.11 Boards of Faculties and Sub-Faculties 
 1.12 Assembly


Section 2  

 2.1 Charter and Statutes   
 2.1.1 Second Schedule 1   
 2.1.2 Second Schedule 2   
 2.2 Ordinances
 2.3 Regulations
 2.4 Standing Orders of the Council
 2.5 Standing Orders of the Assembly
 2.6 Constitutions of University Centres & Institutes    


Section 3

 3.1 Academic/Administrative Departments and Centres Staff
 3.2 Emeritus Professors
 3.3 Emeritus Readers
 3.4 University Auditors, Robemakers, Bankers and Solicitors
 3.5 Residential Wardens 
 3.6 Local Branches of Recognised Trade Unions
 3.7 Union of Students


Section 4

 4.1 Academic Statistics Yearbook
 4.2 Student Fees
 4.3 Degrees and Diplomas Awarded by the University
 4.4 University Awards and Prizes
 4.5 Academic Dress
 4.6 Honorary Graduates and Chancellor's Medallists