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3.3 Emeritus Readers

N.W. Alcock, BA, PhD Camb, FSA (Department of Chemistry)
L.R.P. Allison MA Oxf (Department of Politics and International Studies)
C. Battersby, BA York, DPhil Sus (Department of Philosophy)
H. Boothroyd, BSc Lond, ARCS (Warwick Business School)
H. Butters, BA, MA, DPhil Oxf, (Department of History)
H. J. Cohn, MA, DPhil Oxf, FRHistS (Department of History)
G. Cousin, BA, PhD Exe (School of Theatre, Performance and Cultural Policy Studies
W. Dusinberre, BA Swarthmore, MA, PhD Col (Department of History)
E. Gray, BA Open, MSc Lough, PhD Warw, TCert (Centre for Education Studies)
D. Griffiths, BSc Wales, MA Oxf, PhD ANU (Department of Chemistry)
H.G. Hall, MA Oxf, PhD Yale (Department of French Studies)
T.O. Hawkes MA, PhD Camb (Department of Mathematics)
H. Hearnshaw, BSc St And & Leic, MA DeMont, PhD Lough (Warwick Medical School)
D.M. Hirst, MA, BSc, DPhil Oxf (Department of Chemistry)
D. Holland, MA, DPhil Oxf, FSGT (Department of Physics)
S. Ireland, BA Hull, PhD Camb (Department of Classics and Ancient History)
A.K. Manning, MA Camb, PhD Warwick (Department of Mathematics)
D. Mervin, BA Exe, PhD C'nell (Department of Politics and International Studies)
D.W. Miller, MA Camb, MSc (Econ) Lond (Department of Philosophy)
J. Read (School of Health and Social Sciences)
J. Rignall MA Camb, DPhil Sus (Department of English and Comparative Literary Studies)
J. Round, BSc Nott, PhD Wales (Department of Economics
B.J. Sanderson, BSc, PhD Liv (Department of Mathematics)
H.V. Shurmer, MSc Wales, PhD, DSc Lond, FIEE, CEng (School of Engineering)
I. Smith, MA Edin & Wisc, DPhil Oxf, FRHistS (Department of History)
S.E. Stonehewer, MA Oxf, PhD Camb (Department of Mathematics)
C. Van Toller, BSc Lond, PhD Durh, FBPsS (Department of Psychology)
G.R. Willey BSc, PhD Brist, FRSChem (Department of Chemistry)