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Ord. 16 Payment of Annual Fees, Residential Charges and Other Debts

Ordinance on the Payment of Annual Fees, Residential Charges and other Debts

(1)    A student shall be liable to pay:

(a)    his/her annual fee on the first day of the first term of each academic year or on the first day of his/her registered period of study if this commences later than the first day of the term

(b)    any accommodation charges on the first day of each term or on the date when his/her occupation of accommodation commences if this begins on a date later than the beginning of term

(c)    any other debt to the University on the day on which such debt is incurred.

(2)    All overseas students shall be required to provide, before they can register, a financial statement from a bank or other appropriate source confirming that they will have sufficient resources to meet their fees and living expenses for the duration of their course of study.

(3)    No person shall be registered as a student of the University unless he/she has paid the annual fee for that year and any debts incurred in a previous year. A student who has temporarily withdrawn shall not be allowed to return to the University until he/she has paid any outstanding debts.

(4)    No student shall be permitted to occupy University accommodation if he/she has debts outstanding from a previous term.

(5)    No degree, diploma, certificate or other qualification of the University shall be awarded to any student who is in debt for any reason to the University or who has in his/her possession any property belonging to the University.

(6)    Where payment of a residential charge or academic fee is not made within 21 days of a due date late fees shall be charged, the amount of which shall be determined from time to time by the Finance and General Purposes Committee. (Addition of ‘academic fee’ subject to confirmation.)

(7)    Any grant or payment due to be made by the University to a student in debt to the University may be reduced by the amount of the outstanding debt or may be set off against the outstanding debt.

(8)    The Finance Director may, subject to any general directions issued to him/her, agree to payments being deferred and/or made in instalments in cases of hardship or particular difficulty. In any case where the Finance Director exercises his/her discretion to make such arrangements, the student concerned shall not be subject to the sanctions laid down in the Ordinance for students owing debts to the University unless such arrangements are subsequently broken by the student concerned.

(9)    A student in debt to the University at the end of any term who does not pay all outstanding fees and charges before the first day of the next term following shall have his/her registration suspended.

(10)    Where a student has had his/her registration suspended or his/her re-registration refused in accordance with paragraph (3) above, his/her case shall be reported to the Finance and General Purposes Committee; he/she shall be re-registered only upon payment of any sums due including any late fees; non-payment by the date of the Committee shall be taken to indicate the student’s desire to withdraw from the University.

(11)    On receipt of a report on the facts from the Finance Director the Finance and General Purposes Committee of Council, acting on behalf of Council and in pursuance of those powers of Council which Council has decided should be exercised by and through the Committee, will:

(a)    make any further enquiries which it considers necessary;

(b)    give the student at least seven days’ notice to appear before it and state his/her case (or to submit a written statement if the student prefers to do that), accompanied, if the student wishes, by his/her personal tutor or another member of the academic teaching staff;

(c)    if, following (a) and (b), the Committee finds that the student has forfeited his/her right to remain a member of the University, the student shall be so informed and shall cease to be a member of the University upon such date and subject to such conditions as the Committee shall decide.

(12)    In exercising any of its powers and functions under Section (11)(a)-(c) of this Ordinance, the Finance and General Purposes Committee may delegate its powers to a Sub-Committee appointed for this purpose.