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Ord. 3 Procedure for the Appointment of Pro-Vice-Chancellors

Ordinance on the Appointment of Pro-Vice-Chancellors (See Statute 8(2))

(1) The Council shall appoint Pro-Vice-Chancellors of the highest academic standing.

(2) The number of Pro-Vice-Chancellors shall be determined by the Council on the recommendation of the Vice-Chancellor.

(3) Notice of an impending vacancy shall be given to all members of the Senate by the Registrar normally not less than six months before the expiry of a Pro-Vice-Chancellor’s term of office and shall be reported to the Senate at its next ordinary meeting.

(4) Notice of an impending vacancy may also be advertised externally to the University at the discretion of both the Vice-Chancellor and the Pro-Chancellor.

(5) The appointment of Pro-Vice-Chancellors shall be made by the Council on the recommendation of the Appointment Committee for Pro-Vice-Chancellors consisting of the following:

The Vice-Chancellor (Chair)

Three members of the Senate appointed by the Senate

One lay member of the Council

(6) The Selection Committee shall conduct its business in accordance with procedures approved by the Council which shall be available from the Registrar.

(7) The term of office of Pro-Vice-Chancellors shall be for such periods as the Council may determine except that no Pro-Vice-Chancellor shall hold office for more than seven consecutive years.

(8) The term of office shall normally commence on 1 September.

(9) The Council shall appoint Pro-Vice-Chancellors on such terms and conditions as it considers appropriate.

(10) By virtue of this office, a Pro-Vice-Chancellor shall normally be a member of the Council, the Senate and the Assembly.