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Reg. 21 Conferment of Degrees

21.1     Regulations for the Conferment of Degrees

(1)    Degrees are normally conferred on successful candidates at the first Congregation after the date of qualification, either in person or in absentia. Candidates are reminded that they are not entitled to the use of a degree until it has been formally conferred.

(2)    Each candidate will be required to notify the Registrar in writing at least 14 days before the appropriate Congregation whether he/she will attend the Congregation in person, or whether he/she wishes his/her degree to be conferred in absentia.

(3)    Any candidate who is unable to attend the appropriate Congregation but who nevertheless wishes to have their degree conferred in person, should inform the Registrar, at least 14 days before the Congregation, that he/she wishes to attend the Congregation next following.

(4)    Any candidate who does not comply with paragraph (2) above, and who does not give notice under paragraph (3) above, and also any candidate who indicates that he/she will attend the Congregation but does not do so, will have their degree conferred at the Congregation in absentia.

21.2  Regulations for Graduands’ Dress at Graduation Ceremonies

(1)    All graduands must wear academic dress. Men should wear a dark lounge suit, a white shirt, dark tie and black shoes. Women should wear a plain dress or suit, stockings and shoes. Members of the armed forces may wear the appropriate uniform, and members of religious orders their normal mode of dress. Graduands from overseas countries may wear national dress, if suitable.

(2)    Men graduands, except those in uniform, should wear mortar-boards. Women graduands, except those in uniform, should wear either mortar-boards or Oxford caps. All graduands wearing mortar-boards should wear them when entering and leaving the ceremony, unless otherwise instructed, but not when seated during the ceremony. All graduands wearing Oxford caps should wear them throughout the ceremony.

(3)    Candidates whose clothes are considered unsuitable may be excluded from the ceremony by the Marshal.