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Ord. 10 Departments

Ordinance on Departments


(1) The membership of a Department shall consist of all the employees of the University who at the 1st of October in any year hold a contract of employment in that department of at least twelve months duration (or are seconded or otherwise assigned). Where an individual holds a contract in more than one department he/she shall be considered a member of all the departments concerned, however, only one of the Heads of Department concerned shall be considered to have managerial responsibility for an individual who is a member of more than one department. At the time of an individual’s appointment the Heads of Department concerned shall agree who has managerial responsibility and shall notify the individual concerned in writing.

Responsibilities of a Head of Department

(2) Each Department shall have a Head, who shall be appointed under the provisions of the Ordinance on the Appointment of Heads of Departments with the exception of the Dean of the Warwick Medical School who shall be the Head of the Warwick Medical School (ex officio) and the Director of the Warwick Manufacturing Group who shall be the Head of the Warwick Manufacturing Group (ex officio).

(3) A Head of Department shall be responsible for the management of her/his Department to the Vice-Chancellor who may appoint a deputy for this purpose.

(4) All members of the Department shall be responsible to the Head through whatever decision-making and management structures the Head from time-to-time approves.

(5) Heads shall be responsible for a range of duties defined from time to time in Regulations.

Management Structures

(6) The University will from time to time promulgate regulations setting out a framework for the management structure and staff consultation mechanisms.