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Reg. 22 Library Regulations

22    General Library Regulations


These Regulations are supplemented by Library Rules which are published separately and are available from the University Library.  These Regulations shall have precedence over the Rules and no Rules shall be approved which are in conflict with the principles established by the Regulations.  The Librarian will review and amend Library Rules to supplement these Regulations from time to time in consultation with the Information Policy and Strategy Committee.

'Library' refers to the Central Library, The Learning Grid and any other facility managed by the Librarian on behalf of the University.  These Regulations apply to all constituent parts of the Library unless specific provision to the contrary is included or displayed in the site concerned.

General Regulations 

(1)    All persons who use the libraries undertake to observe University Regulations and Rules.

(2)    The Librarian shall at all times have authority to maintain good order in the Library and may exclude or suspend from their use any user who infringes the Regulations or Rules.

(3)    It is a condition of use of the Libraries that users may be required to show for inspection all books and resources materials in their possession, whether these belong to the University or not, and to show for inspection the contents of cases, bags, other receptacles and coats taken into the Library.

(4)    Users shall be held responsible for, and shall have to make good any loss or damage to materials on loan to them, or being used by them in the University Library, or to the building, fixtures and furnishings.

(5)    Locked Library facilities (such as lockers or study carrels) may be inspected and items stored inappropriately may be removed.

(6)    The Librarian may delegate all or any powers vested under these Regulations.



(a)   The following may access and borrow materials from the University Library.  Loan entitlements and normal loan periods are listed in the Library Rules.

(i)    Members of the academic staff including honorary and visiting academic and research staff.

(ii)    Registered students of the University.

(iii)    Members of staff of the University.

(iv)   Retired members of staff who are members of the Retired Staff Association.

(v)    Lay members of the Council.

(vi)   Warwick Graduates.

(vii)   Staff on other contracts provided that the application has the support of their home Department.

(b)    The following may register to use the University Library.  Details of the facilities provided to such users and the requirements for registration (including any charges) are listed in the Library Rules.

(i)    Academic staff and research postgraduates from other universities.

(ii)   Taught postgraduates and undergraduates from other universities.

(iii)   Those attending Open Studies or other approved University courses for the duration of their course.

(iv)   Any other person with proof of need.

(c)    Library membership cards are not transferable.  An loss of the membership card must be reported immediately to Library staff and in the case of University cards to the Academic Office.

(d)    Users are responsible for informing the Library of every change of address or email address.  Email notices are sent to the University mail service address of students.  Individual students are responsible for forwarding email to any other email address they may use.

Borrowing items

(8)   No books or resource materials shall be removed from the Library or from the Short Loan Collection without having been issued.

(9)    Materials on loan shall be returned by the due date, or earlier if recalled by the Librarian.  Failure to return an item recalled for the use of another reader by the date specified will be treated as an offence.  Loans are normally renewable unless a previous recall or reservation applies.

(10)    Any item loaned to a user may not be transferred to another person.  The loaned item remains the responsiblility of the user until it is returned to the Library and the loan cancelled.

(11)    All borrowers shall, at the end of the session, clear any overdue loans before they are permitted to borrow again.  In addition, no degree shall be awarded to any student who has not returned all borrowed materials to the appropriate Library and paid all debts due to the University.

(12)    Members of the University shall return all materials to the Libraries before they leave, withdraw or resign, regardless of due dates.  The University reserves the right to bill former members for costs incurred in attempting to recover such materials.

(13)    Materials borrowed from other libraries through the inter-library loan (document supply) system for users are subject to University of Warwick Regulations in addition to the conditions imposed by the owning library, including any penalties.

(14)    Tutors for Open Studies courses shall be responsible for books issued to them for the duration of the course.  A bill for replacement may be sent to a tutor for any lost book for which there is no loan record, or for any book lost by a tutor, or for the loss of a book-box, lock or key.  Failure to pay any charges may result in the withdrawl of book-box facilities for future courses.


(15)    Good order must be maintained in all areas and while moving around the University Library.  Certain areas within the University Library are designated for silent or quiet study.

(16)    The consumption of cold food and drinks is permitted only in designated areas of the University Library.

(17)    Mobile phones, portable computers and related devices may be used only in designated areas.

(18)    Users are required to vacate the Library at designated closing times, upon hearing alarm bells or at other times when asked to do so by Library staff.

(19)    The reservation of places is not allowed.  Books and other articles left for more than 30 minutes may be removed by the Library staff.  Articles left unattended at closing time will be cleared away.

Legal and licence compliance

(20)    Users must comply with the provisions of any relevant legislation such as laws relating to intellectual property rights including copyright and data protection.  The former includes the terms of any licence agreement between the University and a third party which governs copying, photography and the use of software and access to data.

(21)    The Library shall not undertake or authorise to be undertaken any copying that infringes the current law of Copyright or a License held by the University from the Copyright Licensing Authority or similar agency that has been produced in infringement of the current law of Copyright.  Users shall be required to sign a declaration that a request for copying does not infringe the current laws of Copyright nor the terms of any License held by the University for copying before such a request is carried out.



(a)    Fines for failure to conform to the regulations relating to loans and to conduct in the Library will be levied on all users at rates published in the Library Rules:

(i)    Failure to return materials on time may result in the sending of a bill for replacement plus a handling charge.

(ii)   Should an item charged for under this Regulation be found and returned, normal rates of fines and a handling charge will apply and the charge for the loss will be refunded.

(b)   Failure by any user to pay fines or other charges levied in accordance with these Regulations may result in suspension of borrowing privileges and/or exclusion from the Library.