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Reg. 25 Parking and Traffic

Regulation Governing Parking and Traffic

These Regulations are made pursuant to the Ordinance on Traffic and Parking.

(1) Cars and other vehicles brought on to University premises may be parked only within designated parking places. Cars and other motor vehicles must not be driven on cycle paths, footpaths and paved or grassed areas.

(2) Motor or other vehicles may not be left parked on University premises by members or employees who are away from the University for a period of more than four weeks without the prior permission of the Registrar.

(3) The University may remove, or take steps to remove, any motor or other vehicle apparently abandoned on University premises.

(4) The University may require members and employees to apply for permission to park motor or other vehicles on University premises and to display permits issued by the University.

(5) The University may designate certain car parks as car parks for which users are required to pay a charge.

(6) The University may designate certain car parks as short-stay car parks.

(7) The University may designate certain car parks as reserved for specific categories of staff, students or visitors.

(8) Repeated breaches of the Regulations on Parking and Traffic by a student may be deemed to constitute a disciplinary offence under Regulation 23.