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Statute 7: The Senate


The Senate will consist of the following persons:

Ex Officio Members:

The Vice-Chancellor, who will preside over meetings of the Senate.

The Provost.

The Pro-Vice-Chancellors.

The Chairs of the Faculty Boards.

The Librarian.

Any other posts that the Senate may from time to time determine.

Appointed Members:

Twenty-four members of the academic staff to be appointed as set out in Ordinance, a majority of whom will be Professors and Heads of Department.

Six members appointed by the Assembly as set out in Ordinance.

Three representatives of the students of the University, elected by the Students’ Union. The representatives may include the President of the Students’ Union.


The process for appointment and term of office of Senate members will be set out in Ordinance.


The Senate may remove any member of the Senate (other than an ex officio member) for good cause. No member will be removed by the Senate unless that person has been given a reasonable opportunity of being heard by the Senate.


The procedures for meetings of the Senate will be set out in Ordinance.