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2.1 Charter and Statutes

In 1965 the University of Warwick received its Royal Charter of Incorporation. The Charter, and accompanying Statutes, set out the powers and purpose of the University and define how it is governed. The Charter and Statutes also form the basis of the University’s Ordinances and Regulations, which set out, in detail, the rules of conduct for University business.

The Charter and Statutes are maintained by the Council and any amendments require the approval of the Privy Council (a formal body of advisers to the Sovereign of the UK).

The current version of the Charter and Statutes were amended with effect from 13 February 2019. The amendments follow a review of the University’s Governing Instruments in 2018/19, which aimed to modernise and simplify the University’s governing documents. The current version of the Charter can be found here and the Statutes are listed below.

Statute 1: Definitions
Statute 3: The Vice-Chancellor
Statute 4: The Auditor
Statute 5: The Council
Statute 7: The Senate
Statute 9: The Assembly
Statute 10: The Union of Students

Previous versions of the Charter and Statutes can be found below:

Charter and Statutes – 15 October 2009

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