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Academic Staff Development and Appraisal Committee

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Professor G Lindsay


Chair of the Board of Graduate Studies

Professor L Bridges


Four Professors appointed by the Senate

Professor R Burns


Professor R Fine


Professor J Staunton


Professor M Terry


Four members, who shall be Departmental Academic Staff Development Co-ordinators, appointed by the Senate, one from each of the Faculties of Arts, Medicine, Science and social sciences:



Dr L Polezzi


Professor E Peile


Dr P Taylor

social sciences

Dr J Khan


One member nominated by the Union of Students

Mr B Duggan


In Attendance:


Ms S Law, Acting Director, Centre for Academic Practice
Mr D Beaton, Director of Personnel Services
Dr A Stokes, Academic Development Tutor, Centre for Academic Practice

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Terms of Reference

(a)    To develop and review academic staff development policy.

(b)    To advise the University on matters concerned with the development of academic staff.

(c)    To devise and co-ordinate an internal staff development programme for academic staff.

(d)    To support the planned and systematic development of academic staff at departmental level.

(e)    To support departments and individual staff in the development and evaluation of approaches to teaching and learning and assessment.

(f)    To receive and respond to requests for staff development from Chairs of Departments and other university committees.

(g)    To encourage the dissemination and exchange of best educational practice.

(h)    To monitor grants made from the Academic Staff Development and Training Fund.

(i)    To monitor the quality and relevance of the staff development provided through the internal Academic Development Programme and by the providers of staff development funded from the Academic Staff Development and Training Fund.

(j)    To monitor the operation of the Academic Appraisal Scheme through the Annual Reports from Chairs of Departments.

(k)    To issue revisions to the Academic Appraisal Scheme if necessary, subject to consultation with the AUT.

(l) To report annually to the University on the operation of the Academic Appraisal Scheme.

(m) To receive an annual report on the activities of the Centre for Academic Practice.

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Reporting Structure

The Academic Staff Development and Appraisal Committee reports to the  Academic Staff Committee.

The Standing Group on the Warwick Teaching Certificate and the Sub-group on Institutional Policy relating to Contract Research Staff report to Academic Staff Development and Appraisal Committee

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Secretary:  Sue Law ( or ext:24673)

Assistant Secretary: Sharon Neal ( or ext: 24766)

Papers for consideration by the Academic Staff Development and Appraisal Committee should be submitted to the Secretary two weeks in advance of the meeting at which they are to be considered.

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2.30pm, Thursday 20th October 2005
10.00am, Thursday 16th February 2006
11.00am, Thursday 8th June 2006

Click here to access the full  Committee Timetable.

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