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Quality and Design Sub-Group

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Membership 2022/23

Director of Estates (Chair)

James Breckon

A Member of Professional Services Staff

Gemma Wilkins

Group Finance Director or nominee

Steve Wilkes

Capital Programme Director

David Hammond
Two Academic Representatives, nominated by the Faculty Chairs

Professor Paul Jennings (2025)

Professor Georgia Kremmyda (2026)

Two independent members appointed by the University Council, with relevant expertise, of whom a minimum of one will be a serving independent member of the Council

Diane Booth (2024)

Jane Findlay (2024)

Masterplan Architect

Sue Emms

Senior Assistant Registrar (Space Management & Timetabling) or nominee

Scott Lloyd

A student representative, nominated by the Students’ Union

Jack Sperry (2023)

NB: The year after a member's name indicates that their term of office expires on 31 July of that year.

In Attendance

Daniel Gibbons (Programme Manager, Estates)

Charlotte Livingston (Head of Strategic Programmes and Governance (Estates))

Jessica Taylor (Architect, Estates)

Other attendees are selected in each instance to provide the appropriate expertise to make qualified decisions on the matters upon the agenda of each meeting.

  • Building Services consultant
  • Transport/Public Realm consultant
  • Other Masterplanning consultants
  • Relevant Project Managers
  • Relevant Programme Managers
  • Relevant PPG Chairs
  • Chief Finance Officer (Estates)
  • Customers/Project Sponsors

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Terms of Reference

Purpose: To strive to deliver the Masterplan Vision and to uphold the Masterplan Aims and Principles.

To recommend to the University Estate and Environment Committee:

1. Proposed designs for major capital project designs at RIBA Stage 2, ensuring alignment with the Masterplan Aims and Principles, Design Guides and supporting the University Strategy.

2. Proposals relating to minor projects which impact on the external façade of buildings or could have an impact on masterplanning, if deemed necessary.

To receive and discuss:

3. Reports relating to capital project proposals in the early stages of concept and design (RIBA stages 0 to 3), as appropriate.

4. Reports relating to capital project proposals from the Capital Programme Boards and Project Progressing Groups, as appropriate.

To make recommendations to the University Estate and Environment Committee, Capital Programme Boards and Project Progressing Groups:

5. In relation to the quality of proposals, considering aesthetic, architectural, engineering, operational and environmental sustainability aspects of the design, and ensuring proposed design solutions meet project objectives, and realise planned benefits.

6. To bring best practice from within the design, planning, development, environmental and construction industry to ensure design solutions are appropriate and responsive to latest ways of working.

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Reporting Structure

The Quality and Design Sub-Group (QDSG) is a sub-committee of the University Estate and Environment Committee (UEEC).

Click here to see a diagrammatic representation of the Committee Structure.

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Secretary: Sophie Black (Assistant Registrar, Governance) (s dot black at warwick dot ac dot uk)

Assistant Secretary: Beth Freeman (Senior Administrative Assistant, Estates) (beth dot freeman at warwick dot ac dot uk)

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Meetings are scheduled for the year as part of the University Committee Timetable, but may be required more frequently, or cancelled if there is no design review requirement at the time of a scheduled meeting.

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