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Discipline Committee

Membership 2017/18

The Chair

A Pro-Vice-Chancellor, a Deputy Pro-Vice-Chancellor or an Academic Vice-President as appointed by the Vice-Chancellor

Three academic staff members appointed by the Vice-Chancellor and President from a panel of up to 20 members appointed by the Senate on recommendation of the Faculty Boards:

Dr Roger Fagge (Arts)

Dr Christine Achinger (Arts)

Dr David Fearn (Arts (Terms 2 & 3))

Dr Milija Gluhovic (Arts)

Dr Emma Francis (Arts)

Professor Colin MacDougall (Medicine)

Professor Geraldine Hartshorne (Medicine)

Dr Debbi Marais (Medicine)

Dr Shirley Rigby (Medicine)

Professor Lesley Roberts (Medicine)

TBC (Science)

Professor Don Paul (Science)

Dr Isabelle Carre (Science)

Dr George Dunbar (Science)

Dr Dave Wood (Science)

Tilly Harrison (Social Sciences)

Dr Alex Karalis Isaac (Social Sciences)

Dr Chris Rogers (Social Sciences)

Winnie Chan (Social Sciences)

Professor Shaun Vahey (Social Sciences)

Two Student Members - Normally Sabbatical Officers of the Students' Union, whose names shall be communicated to the Registrar by the President of the Students' Union on a case-by-case basis.



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