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University Executive Board

Membership 2021/22 (pending approval by Council in October 2021)

The Vice-Chancellor (Chair)

Professor Stuart Croft

The Provost

Professor Chris Ennew

The Registrar

Rachel Sandby-Thomas

The Pro-Vice-Chancellors

Professor Chris Hughes
Professor Michael Shipman
Professor Caroline Meyer

The Group Finance Director

Rosie Drinkwater

Commercial Director

Rupert Lawrie

Secretary to Council

Sharon Tuersley

Chief Information and Digital Officer

Tony Pauley

Chief Communications Officer

Dr Richard Hutchins

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Terms of Reference

    1. To provide active and visible leadership.
    2. To provide strategic direction for the allocation of resources.

    To oversee:

    1. The implementation of the University strategy, including the coordination of strategic planning and resourcing, and the monitoring of key performance metrics, on behalf of the Senate and the Council.
    2. Performance and risk management through the Strategic Risk Register and agreed KPIs/dashboards etc.

    To approve:

    1. Major operational decisions.

    To recommend or report to the Council and the Senate relating to:

    1. The academic, social and physical aspects of planning for the development of the University.
    2. Assurance that the required standards of accountability and legal and regulatory compliance are being achieved.
    3. Clear transmission of the views of the Senate to the Council in matters for which the statutory responsibility is laid on the Council.

    To receive:

    Reports from the Steering Committee, Professional Services Steering Committee, Policy Oversight Group, University Health and Safety Executive Committee, University Information Management Executive Committee, the Strategic Priorities Oversight Committee and the Wellesbourne Management Investment Board.

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    Reporting Structure

    The University Executive Board provides reports to both the Senate and the Council.

    Click here to see a diagrammatic representation of the Committee Structure.

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    Secretary: Sarah Wall, Executive Officer

    Assistant Secretary: Governance Team via 

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    Dates of meetings of the University Executive Board can be found within the University Committee Timetable.

    The Timetable is published and updated online and should be referred to when verifying arrangements through the academic year.

    The deadline to submit papers for a University Executive Board meeting taking place on a Monday, is 9am on the previous Wednesday. Please note that the paper should utilise the University Executive Board templates (top right on this page) and should be the final version, approved by the relevant executive lead.

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